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Weekly Guild Shroud Runs!

Economy, Mar 2, 11 3:39 PM.
Starting 3/6/11 at 8PM CST.
Check out the Guild Events forum for more info!

Policy on inactive accounts repealed!

Economy, Feb 15, 11 12:47 PM.
Due to a misunderstanding of the guild renown decay mechanic the policy has been repealed.  Please review.
Our apologies to any any old toons that were removed.  Contact Ilana for immediate reinstatement.

Please Read!! New rule regarding inactive accounts

Economy, Jan 29, 11 6:37 PM.
Important new rule regarding inactive accounts older than 5 months.  Please read

New Guild Ship F.A.Q. Added

Economy, Aug 3, 10 8:18 PM.
Everything you want to know about the Guild Airship can be found in the F.A.Q. Library

F.A.Q Section updated

Economy, Jul 26, 10 1:24 PM.
Created some F.A.Q info for the Game and the Guild.
Suggestions open for more content.
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Economy of Scale Web Portal



Welcome to
Economy of Scale

A guild for those that want the benefits of guild renown, without the structure of a guild.

(Now accepting new members) 

About our Guild...
(The following was written by the Guild's founder Ilana who, as of November 2011 has left DDO to pursue other interests, but Economy of Scale lives on!)

Economy of Scale was founded on 6/30/2010 - a relatively new guild on the Khyber server.
The timing of the guild's creation closely coincided with DDO Unlimited U5 (update 5) which introduced the new guild renown mechanic into the game.  In fact, these new guild options were the inspiration for the Economy of Scale guild.

As a long time player (I began playing in the summer of 2006), I never really was interested in joining a guild.  As I became a more experienced player, my preference for non-guild play only strengthened.  I enjoyed being a PUG (pick-up-group) player and also having a group of online friends - but I wasn't really interested in the more formal, rigid requirements that most of the guilds imposed.  Although I have met many good players from many guilds both large and small, I just wasn't very interested in being beholden to a particular entity who could impose its will upon my play-style in any respect.

However, after U5, it was apparent that Turbine was favoring those characters who were guilded - by providing them various benefits of guild membership and renown.  Discounts on potions, scrolls, reagents - equipment and weapons that were guild restricted - special Airships and buffs that were only available to guild members!  I became disappointed that I would never have access to these special features if I decided to no longer be in a guild (or was a member of a very small one).  Thus, Economy of Scale was born.

As the name implies, we hope to create something very big (large Guild Renown) out of something small (individual members...many members!).  Our charter statement, "A guild for those that want the benefits of guild renown, without the structure of a guild" is a reflection of our core belief: that everyone should be able to have access to guild benefits, even if they don't want to deal with any of the structure or drama of a guild.

Members of Economy of Scale are openly welcomed.  They do not have to meet any requirements for basic guild membership.  All members have to do is play the game - the way they want to play it.  If members want to only solo, or run exclusively with PUGs, then that's ok.  No one telling you what to do, no dues, nothing but your game, your way.  All we ask in return is that you stick around and help us earn renown which opens up more features and benefits to all members.  And, in the future, should a member decide to leave - we thank them for their contribution and wish them well on their future travels.  No burned bridges here.

While Economy of Scale is probably best suited for the player who meets the above mentioned mindset - that doesn't mean that we can't draw on our resources when necessary.  In Economy of Scale you will also find many members who are looking to form groups, alliances, and friendships with other members.  Helpful hands and mentors abound and our grouping options are always growing.  Just remember, not everyone in the guild is interested in participating in guild activities - so don't be surprised or despair if some members are a bit less receptive to traditional guild formalities!

If you are interested in joining us at Economy of Scale, please send a tell or mail in-game to an officer.  Also, feel free to sign up to the website and add your characters here.

The current officers are:
Anybodys/Dunlop/Ozzgood (Leader), Sylvra, Krustee, Shlainn, Hilbo

We hope to see you in-game.  Now go out and earn some renown!

- Ilana of Khyber (Economy)

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